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Forestry is changing quickly. Euroforester is an global education environment where students from around the world meet, share knowledge and discuss differences in forestry and culture. Students are prepared to work in an international environment with broad perspectives on issues in forestry and beyond.

Euroforester is an MSc programme at SLU's Alnarp campus focusing on forests and forestry in the Baltic Sea region and central Europe. The education is targeted to an international student audience and delivered by a diverse teacher team. Full-time ten-week courses that integrate many subjects give students in-depth knowledge and transferrable skills, preparing them for a career in the international forest sector.

While it focuses on the Baltic and central Europe, the programme addresses issues of worldwide importance, making it relevant to students everywhere. Because forest management has changed fundamentally in recent years, instruction takes a holistic view, much wider than mere production and profit. It also provides a critical international perspective on increasingly globalized markets and forest-related industries.

Our courses are field-intensive. Most include field trips within Sweden, to SLU´s research stations or many other destinations. Some courses include study trips abroad. In recent years, courses have visited Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Poland.

Since the launch of Euroforester in 2001, more than 700 students have taken at least two programme courses and more than 100 have written their master´s projects and completed their degree at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre.

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A growing network of forestry people. From the Alumni Conference 2018 in Estonia.
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The Euroforester family gathered at the 2nd Euroforester Alumni Conference 2012 in Kaunas, Litauen.
Opening of the 2nd Alumni Conference in Latvia 2015
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Alumni Conference Latvia 2015
Euroforester Alumni Conference 2015 Latvia