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Crafoordsalen (Navet), Alnarp, Sweden

PhD Course in Insect Chemical Ecology

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Notice: At present time, the course is fully booked. You may proceed with application, but doing so means you will be placed on the course waiting list. Further information about the status of the waiting list will be provided at the registration deadline on May 11th, 2018. Thank You.

Insect Chemical Ecology PhD Course

Impact of semiochemicals on insect behavior

-From neuronal input to behavioral output to novel applications-

With special focus on: plant-plant, plant-insect and plant-insect-microbe interactions, pheromones, chemosensory systems including olfactory receptors, odor processing, evolution, physiological and chemical methods, insects and diseases, new and upcoming applications.

Tid: 2018-06-11 - 2018-06-22
Ort: Alnarp, Sweden
Lokal: Crafoordsalen (Navet)
Sista anmälningsdag: 11 maj 2018
Pris: 3000 SEK/300 Euro
Mer information:

ECTS Credits: 7.5

Accommodation: Limited number of on-campus rooms available, first-come first-serve: 2000 SEK 

Payment: Deadline 2018-May 11, Bank Account Transfer

For payments within Sweden:
BG 5050-7920
For international payments:
IBAN SE92 1200 0000 0128 1011 9104  Swift/Bic = DABASESX
Bank Address (if necessary): Danske Bank,  Norrmalmstorg 1, 11146,  Stockholm, Sweden. 


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