Senast ändrad: 12 december 2017

An experimental facility in connection to Vattenfall´s (main company for production of electricity) salmon and trout hatchery for compensatory rearing, 20 km west of Umeå by rivers Ume and Vindelälven.
Size : 220 m2 with possibility to use at least 2 large circular concrete dams (11 m wide) for i.e. migratory studies.
Experiments can only be made using fish can that originates from the river or from the hatchery. A new fish ladder were migrating fish can be observed is located close by.

Personnel facilities:

SLU:s experimental facility (right) with the office and kitchen.
The circle dams are located in the building to the left.

The kitchen (above) and a small office with two seats and possibility to stay overnight.

Experimental facilities:

20 (1 m3) fish tanks with automatic feeders (left) and 12 1.4 m (length),
0.4 m (width) 0.5 m (depth) glass aquaria (below).


4 fish tanks (x m wide and y m deep).

A swim tunnel that can be used to measure respiration and condition


One of the circle dams which can be equipped with Pit-tag antennas for migratory studies.