Doktorand Ulrika Nordling

Senast ändrad: 15 november 2021
Porträttbild av Ulrika Nordling. Foto.

Ulrika hopes that her work will contribute to solving current and future problems relating to animal health and welfare from a One Health perspective.

What background do you have? 

Being a veterinarian, I have both clinical and theoretical background that I think will bring added value to the SustAinimal project and add a perspective that complements and maybe even challenges some other approaches within the project. 

What previous experience do you have? 

I have practical experience from working as a clinical veterinary practitioner with ruminants, both in the field and in a ruminant clinic, as well as the different tasks assigned to the Official Veterinarians (OVs) at the Swedish Food Agency. My contribution to the SustAinimal project will focus on animal health, animal welfare and pre-emptive biosecurity related to endemic infectious diseases. 

In clinical practice, I managed situations related to handling or preventing spread of disease on a daily basis. As OV I was responsible for the ante- and post mortem inspection in the abattoirs, dealing with issues related to food safety, animal welfare and monitoring of biosecurity and infectious animal diseases. Working with animal husbandry includes facing challenges and questions highlighting the animal-animal link as well as the connection between humans and animals, illustrating both the appeal and the challenges of my field. 

Working as a veterinary practitioner with a focus on animal food production, questions related to the control of infectious diseases are ever present. My understanding of the importance of preventive medicine has developed with my growing experience in the field of ruminant medicine. Globalization, climate change and political conflicts sets the frame for the overall scope of veterinary medicine and further stresses the importance of infection control within animal husbandry. 

What are your hopes and expectations for your work within SustAinimal? 

Exploring sustainable food production and animal husbandry from a pre-emptive perspective will be a natural continuation of my previous veterinary work. Primary conditions for a sustainable animal production are healthy animals and safe food, and I am convinced that preventive medicine is of outmost importance - especially in contingency planning. 

I am similarly convinced that my own perspective and competence will broaden and grow, learning from the collective experience while being a part of the SustAinimal project. All of the topics included in the SustAinimal agenda are very important to me also on a personal level and my wish is of course that my work will contribute to solving current and future problems relating to animal health and welfare from a One Health perspective. 

Why did you apply for this position? 

I applied for this position because of the combination of applicable, animal-focused, science with veterinary- and societal questions that engage me personally. I also hope that being a PhD student will challenge me on a personal level while opening the door to similarly motivating and engaging work in the future. 

Why do you want to do this work? 

Animal health, welfare and disease control are topics that are becoming increasingly relevant with ever changing global challenges and climate changes. Since a young age I have been personally invested in animals and I look forward to being a part of applicable solutions in the field of animal science and welfare. 

Why do you think this is important? 

Sustainable animal husbandry is essential for both animal welfare as well as for societal welfare. SustAinimal aims to confront these questions head-on, building preparedness and a plan for prevention of future crises.