Tamm Seminar Swedish National Forest Inventory

The Swedish National Forest Inventory (NFI) provides data and statistics for regional and national forest, energy and environmental policy development. Since the start, an important task has also been to provide data for research purposes.

Data collection and analysis has come a long way since the start in 1923 when data were recorded along transects and on handwritten field forms. Examples of research studies in ecology involving data from the Swedish NFI will be presented to illustrate the structure of the data and the potential for new studies within the field. The talk will also include a brief overview of open data sources, analysis tools, metadata and the research support function where tailored datasets can be ordered.

Anna-Lena Axelsson (Department of Forest Resource Management, SLU Umeå)
Tammsalen, Dept of Ecology SLU - Tuesday 15 October 13:00

Tid: 2019-10-15 13:00
Ort: Uppsala

Sidansvarig: Ulrika Sehlberg Samuelsson