Senast ändrad: 17 december 2012

Future Forests is hosted by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in collaboration with Umeå University and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden (Skogforsk). Future Forests is funded by Mistra (the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research), SLU, Umeå University, Skogforsk and organizations from the Swedish forest sector (Bergvik Skog, Holmen, LRF Skogsägarna, SCA, Skogssällskapet, Sveaskog).

The research is organized in four synthesis projects, four interdisciplinary components for original research and a book-project arching over the whole range of program activities. All Future Forests research addresses complex problems related to forest use, primarily by the use of review, synthesis, meta-analyses and modeling as methods. Stakeholder involvement is key to success of the research. Hence, communication is a central activity in the program.

Additionally Future Forests hosts ad hoc thematic working groups on urgent topics involving both researchers and practitioners. The aim is to synthesize existing knowledge, identify knowledge gaps and suggest research to fill such knowledge gaps.