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Urban Readings

The Urban Readings brings together a diversity of voices, from near and far, inside and outside of academia, to reflect upon issues within the urban realm. The project engages writers across disciplines to capture synergies between knowledge areas and to understand the interaction of the drivers and effects of urbanization.

Transformation to new realities from COVID – green or growth?

The theme for the second round of Urban Reading places a critical eye on the concept of Building Back Better? A narrative of a green recovery from COVID-19 is gaining momentum among urban planners, academics and policy-makers alike but with differing perspectives on the environmental, social and economic realities of this transformation. As some cities and urban areas emerge from the pandemic, what are the consequences and impacts of these new realities? Does a new normal exist and are societies transforming toward something fundamentally different from before? 
Published: 25 February 2021 - Page editor: