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Forest Ecosystem Ecology

The course focuses on the fundamental ecological principles underlying the functioning of forested ecosystems. During this course, students will be equipped with in-depth knowledge of the abiotic and biotic drivers of forest ecosystem processes and ecological communities. Here, we will emphasize the spatial and temporal scales at which these drivers act both above-and belowground. We will address terrestrial as well as aquatic environments and how the linkages between these sub-systems affect forest ecosystem processes. We pay special attention to the effects of global changes on the functioning of future forests and the ecosystem services they will provide. The course is centered on boreal forests, but we will also explore and draw examples from forested ecosystems in other parts of the world. The course consists of lectures, individual and group work, and hands-on exercises. We target students with an interest in pursuing an academic career in ecology, soil science, or forest science. The course also provides science-based knowledge relevant and applicable to conservation, forestry industry, and policy and decision-making authorities. The course is offered as an independent course.

Information från kursledaren

Hi all,

Welcome to the Forest Ecosystem Ecology course. The course starts on 2 November 2021 with an introduction in Aspen. So, we look forward to see you all there!

Also, for those of you who did yet self-register for the course, please do so by 2 November. Then, you will also be added to our CANVAS site (which is essential to get access to course information and materials).

Paul Kardol & Maria Myrstener - course leaders


Kursvärderingen är avslutad

BI1369-20021 - Sammanställning av kursvärdering

Efter att kursvärderingen stängt har kursansvarig och studentrepresentanten upp till en månad på sig att skriva kommentarer. De publiceras automatiskt i sammanställningen.

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Kursplan och övrig information


  1. Literature list 2021-2022 [Literature list 2021-2022] (https://slunik.slu.se/kursfiler/BI1369/20021.2122/Literature_list__FEE_2021-2022.docx)


Kursen ges som en fristående kurs: Ja Kursen ges som en programkurs: Skoglig ekologi och hållbar skötsel - masterprogram Kursavgift: Studieavgift, endast för medborgare utanför EU, EES, och Schweiz: 38054 SEK Nivå: Avancerad nivå (A1N)
Ämne: Skogsvetenskap Biologi Biologi Skogsvetenskap
Kurskod: BI1369 Anmälningskod: SLU-20021 Plats: Umeå Distanskurs: Nej Undervisningsspråk: Engelska Ansvarig institution: Institutionen för skogens ekologi och skötsel Studietakt: 100%