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Forestry and Sustainable Development

PFG0072 Forestry and Sustainable Development, 4,0 Hp

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Godkänd / Icke godkänd Kraven för kursens olika betygsgrader framgår av betygskriterier, som redovisas i bilaga till kursplanen. Aktuell information om betygskriterier ska finnas tillgänglig senast vid kursstart.



Ytterligare information

The course consists of a combination of individual self-study, classroom lectures, small-group work, discussions and a final project ending in presentation. Composition work by students equate to a maximum of five written pages and a final presentation.

The course timetable consists of three parts with a varying degree of study pace; i) an individual study task two weeks before the course begins, ii)three days full time physical meetings in a classroom setting (distance if covid-19 situations does not change) and iii) a final project task and presentation to be completed over a two week period. The total course time is estimated at 80 hours with 14 hours of lecture time, 10 hours of group tasks, 50 hours of self-study tasks and 6 hours for the final presentations session.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

• Understand Swedish forestry practice, products and material flows
• Discuss UN Sustainable Development Goals, their progress and indicators
• Describe the role of forests and forest-based industries in sustainable development
• Reflect on national/EU policy objectives related to energy, climate and industry
• Comprehend the potential and limitations of forest resources with respect to development of a sustainable society in Sweden

Start date: Tuesday 8 February 2022 (two weeks individual study at distance)
Physical meetings: 22-24 February 2022
End date: Friday 11 March 2022
Education cycle = third cycle

Course leaders: David Agar (david.agar@slu.se) and Anita Norman (anita.norman@slu.se)

Ansvarig institution/motsvarande

Institutionen för skogens biomaterial och teknologi