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Biological control and the role of plant biomes in plant health

PFG0081 Biological control and the role of plant biomes in plant health, 4,0 Hp

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Biologi Växtodlingslära Lantbruksvetenskap Trädgårdsvetenskap


Godkänd / Icke godkänd Kraven för kursens olika betygsgrader framgår av betygskriterier, som redovisas i bilaga till kursplanen. Aktuell information om betygskriterier ska finnas tillgänglig senast vid kursstart.



Ytterligare information

The teaching will be organized as follows: One week at course facilities where the participants meet for 5 days teaching (physical course part) that will be following a pre course period of two month where a journal club will be running on Zoom once a week. Papers discussed are suggested by the course teachers – the discussion facilitated each time by two students. All the above mentioned objectives will be included in the course scheme and two main international teachers with leading expertise in biocontrol- and microbiome research will be invited for the physical course. Other teachers will be coming from the participating NOVA universities. There are several Nordic NOVA teachers who are highly competent in the subjects addressed. These Nordic teachers will take part in the course.

At the physical course, there will be traditional lectures, students’ oral- and/or poster presentations, group discussions and special student assignments during the course – some assignments initiated before course start. An excursion will be organized including both social/societal- and professional aspects.