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Plant Protection Biology to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

PLS0069 Plant Protection Biology to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, 7,0 Hp

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Pedagogical approach
It is important that the students take active part in their own learning. Therefore they will do a ’case study’ that will be presented both orally - where all students should participate actively in the discussions - and as a written report. The work should be done in groups to profit from the different expertise of the PhD students in the discussions and development of management strategies. In addition they will get a chance to practice oral presentation when they present their own research. The literature seminars will give them an opportunity to read recent and relevant literature (papers selected by the lecturers and handed out before the course) and to discuss - in smaller groups - with each other and experienced scientists (the lecturers) within the subject area.

Course organizer: Dept. of Plant Protection Biology, LTV-faculty, SLU. Minimum of participants to give the course is 12.

Location: Alnarp and online

Responsible department
Dept. of Plant Protection Biology, LTV-faculty, SLU, and Marie Curie-Sl. ITN PROTECTA


Ansvarig institution/motsvarande

Institutionen för växtskyddsbiologi