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Sense of Place/Place Sensing

PLS0082 Sense of Place/Place Sensing, 5,0 Hp

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Godkänd / Icke godkänd Kraven för kursens olika betygsgrader framgår av betygskriterier, som redovisas i bilaga till kursplanen. Aktuell information om betygskriterier ska finnas tillgänglig senast vid kursstart.



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Personal statement prior to course (submitted by Monday 15 August 2021).

Reflection paper. Students participating in this course are expected to write a short statement (2 - 2.5 pages, on A4) to: i) introduce who they are in terms of disciplinary background and education ii); outline how they (intend to) engage with the identified themes in the Seminar for this year (place attachment, machine sensing, etc); iii) outline questions or issues on these themes with which they would like to engage; and iv) offer expectations from the course.

There is an expected breakdown of the following: 20 hrs reading before; 40 hrs in class time; and 40 hrs writing to make up the distribution of tasks.

2. Annotated bibliography. Students participating must read the required course-material and be prepared to discuss the materials during the three allotted times. The agenda of papers for discussion will be emailed to students closer to the commencement of the workshop.

3.Soundwalk Plan. Students must submit a pre-planning walking route which will provide them with an opportunity to explore local socio-ecological diversity and report back on it.

4. Ongoing Oral Examination. Each student will be evaluated over the three days with respect to their level of participation in class dialogue and discussion. Students have specific time-slots in each day plus opportunities to ask questions across each of the lectures - meaning each student should be expected to engage at least several times a day with questions/comments. The course instructors will be generous but judicious with their evaluations, which will consider quality of questions/comments, evidence of engagement with key texts and ideas, and evident understanding of the comments given by fellow colleagues/classmates.

5. Revised reflection paper. Following class sessions (submission encouraged before mid September but feedback will likely be later due to the commencement of classes), student must write a ‘revised’ piece incorporating insights from the Seminar as well as the Sense of Place workshop (final day). This 8 to 10 page second reflection paper will be due 2-3 weeks after the completion of the course (e.g. Sept 15, 2021). This paper will be evaluated using a pre-established and approved grading rubric. Guiding points for the evaluation of this paper include: 1. Has the student linked lecture content to a developed theoretical understanding of sense of place dynamics? Can they chart their own development of senses of place within their own situated location? Can they discuss the politics of senses of place?

Marking Breakdown

- course participation - 15%
- soundwalk diary - 15%
- ongoing oral examination - 20%
- reflection initial (due Aug 15) - 20%
- revised reflection (due Sept 15) - 30%

Ansvarig institution/motsvarande

Institutionen för landskapsarkitektur, planering och förvaltning