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Reviewing and Summarizing Science

PNG0070 Reviewing and Summarizing Science, 2,0 Hp

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Godkänd / Icke godkänd Kraven för kursens olika betygsgrader framgår av betygskriterier, som redovisas i bilaga till kursplanen. Aktuell information om betygskriterier ska finnas tillgänglig senast vid kursstart.



Ytterligare information

This is a general skills course for all natural scientists, also other than biologists and soil scientists.

For day 1, please find (and bring) a key publication in your field and present it briefly (who wrote it, what is it, why is it a key publication and how did it become one). Since we are 14 students and we have only 2 hours scheduled for this, this should be very brief (max. 8 min).
For day 2, please bring an example of a paper you struggle with. Think about why this is difficult for you to read.
Pleas also bring a paper you have refereed (if you have refereed one).
You can also ask you supervisor to share a manuscript she or he has been asked to referee and bring their evaluation or write your own. Please also read the articles about refereeing manuscripts (attached).
For day 3, please bring 5 papers that you want to or have included in your literate survey.
For day 4, please bring a list of conferences relevant for you. Check how large these are in number of participants, are they national or international, would you have a mentor (supervisor) with you at the conferences if you went, and how well does the topic fit your thesis topic.

External teacher: Antonia Liess, lector at Halmstad University, Associate Editor of Freshwater Science.
All lectures will be public and given at MVM.

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Institutionen för vatten och miljö