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Analysera kvalitativ data med NVivo

Attendance on two (2) day workshop on the program NVivo and following seminar.


PNS0173 Analysera kvalitativ data med NVivo, 1,0 Hp



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Accepted as a social science PhD student.


The purpose of the course is to introduce the PhD students to the research software NVivo, commonly used in social science to analyze and arrange materials such as documents, PDFs, audio, video, pictures, spreadsheets, web data and references.

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

- Demonstrate an ability to classify and categorize qualitative data

- Demonstrate the ability to import and code documents, images, media sources and web data

- Demonstrate an ability to visually present and discuss own research in relation to findings

- Problematize and reflect on possible values in analyzing qualitative data in the own project


Attendance on two (2) day workshop on the program NVivo and following seminar.

Examinationsformer och fordringar för godkänd kurs

Documented participation on the workshop for NVivo and reference programs. Active participation in the methodological seminar and one page individually written summary on how the software can be used, supported with academic references.

Ytterligare information

This course is part of the research school Social Science Perspectives on Sustainable Development, an umbrella organization between the Department of Economics and the Department of Urban and Rural Development. www.slu.se/sspsd

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Institutionen för Ekonomi