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Comparative reproductive biotechnologie

PVS0163 Comparative reproductive biotechnologie, 2,0 Hp

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Ytterligare information

The course will be given in collaboration with the Centre for Reproductive Biology in Uppsala, the Cell for Life Platform and the Developmental Biology Platform SLU. There will be a pre‐course assignment consisting of reading the scientific articles and preparing an oral presentation for the other students at the start of the course summarizing how reproductive biotechnologies relates to their own project. A written summary of how their own work relates to reproductive biotechnologies must be sent in before the course starts. Target audience: PhD students and residents. Others that are interested are also welcome. Time: One week 2020 (preliminary schedule is attached for timetable) Costs: There is no course fee. The participants will cover their own travel and living costs. Application: Via GS‐VMAS. For further information, contact course organizers: Ylva.Sjunnesson@slu.se (course leader); Jane.Morrell@slu.se; Eva.Axner@slu.se; Stefan.Orn@slu.se; Gunnar.Carlsson@slu.se

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Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper