Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Environmental monitoring and assessment

Are landscapes and waters used sustainably? In addition to research and education the Government has charged SLU with the task of conducting environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA).

SLU monitors the country's forests, agricultural landscapes, lakes, watercourses and species in order to analyse environmental trends. This makes the university a key player in interpreting and understanding changes such as those that may result from a warmer climate.

Knowledge dissemination


2014-10-17 -  Can plant diversity reduce the need for control measures?
Plants are known to ‘communicate’ with one another via airborne molecules. These signals from insect-attacked plants can induce immune response in neighboring unattacked plants and reduce aphid infestations...
2014-10-15 -  Lunch seminar on food security
The Centre for Educational Development at SLU invites all interested teaching staff to register for the upcoming pedagogical lunch seminar entitled “Educational Development Across Borders: Strengthening...
2014-10-09 -  Making window glass visible – but only to birds
Ultraviolet patterns can make window glass visible to birds, thus preventing fatal collisions. However, it has now been shown that such windows are not likely to work for all species, but only for birds...
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Supporting sustainability

The logotypes of Sweden's 16 environmental quality objectivesOur results are used to track progress towards Sweden's environmental objectives and its commitments under international agreements.


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