Last changed: 22 August 2018

In 2009, the Swedish Research Council (SRC) granted financial support for the construction of a Swedish LifeWatch e-infrastructure.

In 2010, an agreement was signed between SRC and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) where the latter was commissioned to lead the implementation of the SLW. In June 2011, the SLW consortium was formally established and the Swedish LifeWatch project entered its construction phase. In December 2013 the Analysis portal was released and in 2016 the project officially entered the operational phase.  

LifeWatch Europe completed its preparatory phase in 2010 and originally intended to enter the construction phase in 2011. However, the process of formally establishing an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) has taken longer than expected, but an application is under preparation (2016) to be sumbitted to the EU commission.


Holger Dettki, Assoc. Prof.
Managing Director and System Manager Swedish LifeWatch
SLU Swedish Species Information Centre
holger.dettki@slu.se, +46 73 048 7872