The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity
The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity


The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity

The Swedish Species Information Centre works with biodiversity, serving as the focal point for information on threatened species and biodiversity in Sweden.

Its main tasks are to collect, evaluate and store the most important information about threatened and rare plant and animal species. A basic part of this work is to assess the types and degrees of threat, and to prepare the national Red List and Red Data Books. Much of the work is focused on information through publications, conferences etc.

The international dimension

Effective nature conservation requires cooperation between countries. ArtDatabanken collaborates with Sweden’s Nordic neighbours and is very involved at the EU level. The Centre is also an active member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).



The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative


The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative – the only one of its kind in the world.


The aim is to make knowledge about all Swedish species readily available to scientists, conservationists and the public. This effort was named the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative and rests on three legs:

  • Inventories of poorly known groups of organisms.
  • Taxonomic research on poorly known species. Taxonomy is the science describing and classifying species.
  • The production of a popular Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna.

What do you want to do?

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 We publish books and reports about species and biological diversity


The Species Observation System

The Species Observation System is an independent site for collecting sightings of species.
 The Species Observation System

The Red List

In the Red Lists every species is described with a Red List Category and their occurrence in different administrative provinces.

The Taxonomy Initiative

The purpose of the Taxonomy Initiative is to list taxonomic names as well as other information.

Swedish LifeWatch

Swedish LifeWatch is a national research infrastructure for biodiversity data. Access all data easily through the Analysis Portal.

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