Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Welcome to SLU´s press room!

SLU is to a large extent a research university; two thirds of the budget are allocated to research. When it comes to wildlife, soil use, climate issues, bioenergy, landscape architecture, husbandry, forestry, gardening, agriculture or aquaculture, SLU has the expertise. We also monitor and assess the environment.

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Feel free to contact one of our Press Officers in Uppsala, the Communications Officer at one of our main campuses or our Science editors. We are happy to help!


Tina Zethraeus

Head of Communications
Phone +46 18 67 15 24 or 
+46 70 543 64 60

Press contacts in Uppsala

 Mikael Jansson

Communications Officer
Phone: +46 18 67 14 56 or
+46 73 370 71 11 


David StephanssonDavid Stephansson

Communications Officer
Phone: +46 18 67 14 92
or +46 72 511 69 90

Latest press releases

2015-05-14 -  Belgian shepherd dogs seem to have genetic protection against diabetes
A genetic interaction which may protect Belgian shepherd dogs from developing diabetes has been discovered in a project led by researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala...
2015-05-11 -  Evaluation of the Strategic Research Area Initiative
The strategic research areas that were launched by the government in the 2008 has now been evaluated. The assessors noted that SLU is a world leader in forest genetics and forest tree breeding.
2015-05-07 -  Wanted: New deputy vice-chancellor
SLU is recruiting a new deputy vice-chancellor, and the board has now defined the person specification for the post.
2015-05-04 -  A new species of bird discovered in China by an international team of scientists
A new species of bird has been described from central China by a team of scientists from Sweden, China, the US, the UK and Vietnam. The team was lead by professor Per Alström, from the Swedish Species...
2015-04-30 -  New vice-chancellor at SLU
Today, the Swedish Government appointed Professor Peter Högberg as the new vice-chancellor of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He takes up his post on 1 July.
2015-04-29 -  SLU climbs in the QS Rankings
SLU top ranked in the category "Agriculture and Forestry".
2015-04-24 -  Moment of silence at SLU to honour the victims of Garissa
The European University Association, EUA, has initiated a joint minute of silence at European universities this coming Monday, 27 April at 12:00. With this manifestation, the participating universities...

Press contacts at other
SLU locations


Anette Neldestam
Communications Officer
SLU Alnarp
Phone: +46 40 41 50 04 or
+46 70 847 07 37


Vanja Sandgren

Project leader, Communications Officer
SLU Skara
Phone:  +46 511 671 55 or
+46 70 264 11 55


Olof Bergvall. Photo: Sara KarlssonOlof Bergvall

Communications Officer
SLU Umeå
Phone: +46 90-786 82 11 or
+46 72 236 29 15

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