Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Welcome to SLU´s press room!

SLU is to a large extent a research university; two thirds of the budget are allocated to research. When it comes to wildlife, soil use, climate issues, bioenergy, landscape architecture, husbandry, forestry, gardening, agriculture or aquaculture, SLU has the expertise. We also monitor and assess the environment.

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Feel free to contact one of our Press Officers in Uppsala, the Communications Officer at one of our main campuses or our Science editors. We are happy to help!


Tina Zethraeus

Head of Communications
Phone +46 18 67 15 24 or 
+46 70 543 64 60



Press contacts in Uppsala

 Mikael Jansson

Communications Officer
Phone: +46 18 67 14 56 or
+46 73 370 71 11 


David StephanssonDavid Stephansson

Communications Officer
Phone: +46 18 67 14 92
or +46 72 511 69 90

Latest press releases

2014-05-14 -  Swedish-Chinese research cooperation aims to reduce the risk of mercury ending up in food
The problem of mercury in food chains is growing due to emissions of mercury. The problem of toxic mercury in the food chain is growing due to increased emissions of mercury. How can we prevent the bioavailable...
2014-04-01 -  Can the answer be in the soil?
A growing world population has to deal with increasingly urgent issues of food security, flooding and drought, as well as pollution which threaten agricultural productivity and the environment. The answer...
2014-02-12 -  Poaching threatens savannah ecosystems
White rhinoceros may be extinct in twenty years with the current poaching rates. The loss of this megaherbivore is in itself a tragedy, but it may also have tremendous effects on the ecosystems they now...
2014-02-05 -  No place like elsewhere for the lodgepole pine
Thanks to its excellent growth, the Canadian lodgepole pine has become a popular feature of forestry in Northern Sweden. Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are now able to...
2013-11-21 -  Right Livelihood Laureate to SLU Alnarp
Dr Hans Herren, Right Livelihood Award Laureate of 2013 will be keynote speaker at a seminar at SLU´s Campus Alnarp, December 4, starting 9 AM. Theme for the seminar is Future of Sustainable Agriculture...
2013-09-25 -  New insights into the long lasting memory of plants
Many plants have to go through a period of low temperature before they can flower – they need "vernaliation". This is why carrots and beetroots don’t produce seed in the year they are sown, and why winter...
2013-09-25 -  Beijer Foundation donates millions to SLU
The Beijer Foundation gives grants of SEK 30 million to SLU and Uppsala university over five years, for a mutual Beijer Laboratory.

Press contacts at other


Anette Neldestam
Communications Officer
SLU Alnarp
Phone: +46 40 41 50 04 or
+46 70 847 07 37


Vanja Sandgren

Project leader, Communications Officer
SLU Skara
Phone:  +46 511 671 55 or
+46 70 264 11 55


Olof Bergvall. Photo: Sara KarlssonOlof Bergvall

Communications Officer
SLU Umeå
Phone: +46 90-786 82 11 or
+46 72 236 29 15

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