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Self-trust and Co-creation

Published: 10 October 2022

The public discussion up until the Swedish election is characterized by the absence of a question and the overblown presence of another. This also holds for the outcome of the election. A serious, or even general, discussion about our global sustainability challenges, voiced by researchers and the world community at least since the 1970s and currently described as goals in the Agenda 2030, is almost completely missing.

Fearmongering, the casting of suspicions and simplified messaging has been all the more present. This weighs on me as a person, while making the transdisciplinary research in the Mistra Environmental Communication project all the more topical. The program sits at the intersection of what the debates have been missing and that which has flooded them.

This blogpost is available in its entirety in Swedish, accessible by changing the language settings in the menu above. It is written by Eva Friman, programme director of the Mistra Environmental Communication research programme together with Anke Fischer. It was originally published as a contribution to the Snabbtänkt series, an initiative of the DEMICOM research centre at Mittuniversitet, Sweden. See this link for more about Snabbtänkt (in Swedish).