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Focus areas

Mistra Environmental Communication addresses five major fields of environmental communication practice. Additionally, cross-cutting strands of work integrate insights across focus areas.

Dialogues in governance for sustainability

Dialogue-based governance is a promising but challenging way to involve actors with diverse perspectives. We develop knowledge about the role of power and conflict in dialogue processes and ways to constructively deal with these.

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"Traditional" individual- and lifestyle-focused communication in consumption contexts is a point of departure for expanding on such models. Environmental psychology and theories on social interaction, identity formation and practices are combined in new research.

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Knowledge co-production for sustainability transformations

We research knowledge co-production to enable new kinds of practice and processes to support transitions towards sustainable futures.

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Organisational networks in market contexts

The goal of WP 4 is to understand and assess the impacts of contemporary communication expectations and practices on the willingness and ability of organisations to embrace sustainability.

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Media and arts

Investigating struggles over meaning in Swedish arts and media.

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Joint work and synthesis

Learning from our work across contexts.

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