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20 Oct
21 Oct


Programme Meeting October 2021

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Wednesday, 20th October


Welcome, updates and introduction

Organisers: Eva Friman, Anke Fischer

We share news from the programme and introduce you to today’s and tomorrow’s agenda.

Who would find this interesting? Everyone participating in Mistra Environmental Communication.

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Contact: Eva Friman


Who should decide on the future of Swedish Forests?

Organisers: Sara Holmgren and Stina Powell

In this session Sara Holmgren and Stina Powell will introduce some of the controversies and uncertainties connected to forest management in Sweden. Thereafter, participants will be invited to engage in a collaborative exercise to map out different perspectives on Swedish forest management.

Who would find this interesting? This session is open to those who have an interest in exploring how different types of knowledge, ideas, and values shape the future of Swedish forests. 

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Contact: Stina Powell 


WP 5 Unconference - Protecting nature: How conservation efforts reflect human/nature relationships

Organisers: WP5 team

There are more than 100 000 protected nature areas in the world. The oldest is said to be a protected area in Sri Lanka, dating back to 200 bce. In Sweden, there are more than 5 000 nature reserves today, the oldest dating back to 1915.
Naturvårdsverket considers the formation of nature reserves as one important tool for protecting biodiversity, among a series of other tools such as national parks, animal- and plant protection areas, and biotope protection areas and more.
The need and use of nature protection areas and tools raises questions regarding conservation and the value of nature. Why does humanity require protecting nature? How do we understand the values we are protecting?
Often, the formation of these protections are contested where landowners and corporations may want to work the grounds, and conservationists and activists may want the grounds to be protected from exploitation. How do humans define protecting nature? How do we resolve opposing understandings of nature protection? How is nature protection discussed, unpacked and understood by the actors in Sweden, including indigenous people, the government, and corporations?

Moderator: Björn Eriksson, research assistant WP5
Introduction: Vaia Doudaki, researcher WP5
Karin Englund & Daniel Urey, Färgfabriken
Jörgen Andersson, Nordic network for regenerative agriculture
Ludvig Tillman, Greenpeace
Pella Thiel, Rights of Nature

Who would find this interesting? Everyone in Mistra Environmental Communication 

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Vaia Doudaki 
Björn Eriksson


Workshop: A special issue on Environmental Communication in Planning, Natural Resource Management and Sustainability Transformations

Organisers: Anke Fischer, Sofie Joosse, Lars Hallgren, Christoffer Söderlund Kanarp

Work on a special issue for the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management has begun – 10 articles have been proposed and now being developed. This workshop provides space to explore their main contributions to our understanding of environmental communication in theory and practice.

Who would find this interesting? Everyone who is part of an author team that has proposed an article – and everyone who is just curious to learn more about some of the research going on in the programme, and beyond!

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Contact: Anke Fischer 



Thursday, 21st October


Exploring creative pathways to increase Mistra Environmental Communication impact

Organisers: Thao Dao, Marcus Bussey

In this session, we aim to continue exploring creative and inspiring ways to share our work with environmental communication in order to reach broader audience and increase our impact. Departing from a brainstorming session earlier in June, we will dive deeper into 3-4 specific domains of creative environmental communication, such as creative writing, visual art works, gaming and play, virtual museums; and start to develop concrete strategies to move forward. This session will hopefully serve as a platform for us to come together, think and work creatively together beyond the work package boundaries.

Before the session, please answer this survey 

Who would find this interesting? This session is open to anyone who is interested in co-developing creative outputs from our work within the Mistra EC programme.

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Contact: Thao Do


#faceit — ugly nature selfies

Organisers: Malte Rödl, Sofie Joosse, Jutta Haider

In this session, we will discuss your insights, impressions, and reflections from WP5’s ugly nature selfies challenge. Through our research, we found that nature selfies on social media only ever highlight beautiful nature, but hide ‘ugly’ nature and human impact on the environment, such as litter, logging, or infrastructure. More information on the challenge can be found on our dedicated website or in this Facebook group—everyone is welcome to participate in this session! (And you’re welcome to have your lunch during the workshop, too.)

Who would find this interesting? Everyone who is interested in exploring together what it means to breach the unspoken norms of social media and self-(re)presentation; everyone is welcome, although it might help if you took and possibly shared some ugly nature selfies in advance

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Meeting ID: 610 4302 7704
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Contact: Malte Rödl


Comments and feedback?

Organisers: Anke Fischer, Eva Friman

Have you got thoughts or comments on this meeting, or suggestions and ideas for the following ones? Or maybe you’ve got ideas for other activities, or more general questions? Join us for this short, informal chat.

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Meeting ID: 643 3063 6651
Passcode: MistraEC

Contact: Eva Friman


Time: 2021-10-20 09:00 - 2021-10-21 15:00
City: Zoom
Organiser: Mistra Environmental Communication