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First findings from Mistra Environmental Communication

Published: 08 June 2021

On May 20th, some of the researchers from Mistra Environmental Communication presented the first findings from the programme. Now the speedtalks are available.

Power and ambivalence in practitioner’s stories

Amelia Mutter

Understanding government-led dialogues in Sápmi: A structural approach

Kaisa Raitio and Annette Löf

Frontstage and Backstage processes in collaboration and dialogue in Swedish natural resource management

Lars Hallgren

The construction of sustainability by Facebook groups in Sweden

Vaia Doudaki

Positioning ourselves towards and against the environment: visual and networked explorations in social media and the arts

Jutta Haider and Malte Rödl

Fires, Forests and Relationality

Max Whitman

The forgotten SDGs

Delaney Harness and Julius Klingelhöfer

Broadening the Circle: Redistribution, Regeneration and Strands of Value

Shiv Ganesh and Nitha Palakshappa

Constructing sustainability problems and solutions in consultative conversations

Lars Hallgren and Sanja Vujicic