Lectures, seminars and workshops

Last changed: 08 June 2023

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  • Är klimatkrisen ett hot mot mänskliga rättigheter i Sverige?
    Swedish Human Rights Days. Örebro
    Löf, A.
    17 November 2022.

  • Understanding social change in environmental contexts: Contributions from social scientific research on environmental communication and governance. 
    Symposium, Institution of Ecology, SLU. Uppsala
    Fischer, A.
    19 October 2022.

  • Sustainable Development and Global Health.
    At the Global Medicine course.
    Powell, N.
    5 October 2022.

  • Mapping environment-focussed social media, audio-visual media and art, in Sweden: cases, voices and positions.
    International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Watch Party.
    Charles University. Prag
    Doudaki, V.; Carpentier, N.
    22 July 2022.

  • Tre verktyg för miljökommunikation.
    Presentation during the Mistra program in Almedalen. Visby
    6 July 2022.

  • Arts-based research in communication and media studies: A series of examples and experiences.
    Guest lecture at Ph. D. course, University of Tallinn. Tallinn
    Carpentier, N.
    3 March 2022.

  • Dialog och samverkan: hur kan vi kommunicera om hållbarhetsfrågor?
    Presentation at networking meeting for regional sustainability planners.
    Westin, M.



  • Kommunicera och Lyssna: Environmental Communication
    Lecture at Färgfabriken
    Charlotte Ponzelar
    17 May 2020



  • Gökotta med CNV: Hur kan konst befrukta naturvägledning? 
    Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation. Uppsala
    Bengtsson, P.; Johannessen, S.; Joosse, S.
    29 September 2022.

  • Expanding the possibilities of the present with futures thinking.
    SLU Futures Lab: Visualising the future. Uppsala
    Barrineau, S.
    21 September 2022.

  • Land use governance and conflicts in Sápmi - what can we learn from a rights-based approach?
    Lands Rights Research Initiative, University of Gothenburg. Gothenburg
    Löf, A.; Brännström, M.
    16 March 2022.

  • Decolonizing Open Science: Digital transparency and the Global South.
    Digital Scholars and Practice Lecture Series, University of Texas at Austin. Austin, Texas.
    Ganesh, S.


  • Legitimacy and participation in planning and environmental governance – organisation of a two-day seminar with participants from Aalto University, Finland, and EC-SLU, featuring talks from all four WP1 case studies,
    Martin Westin and Fanny Möckel
    27-28 October 2021.

  • Arts-based research in communication and media studies: A series of examples and experiences. Ämnesseminarium, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia (online),
    N. Carpentier.
    6 April 2021. 







  • 10 focus groups about experiences of sustainability communication. A. 31 participants (strategists and communications staff from 25 municipalities).
    Hallgren, L., Grubbström,
    October 2021 to May 2022.

  • Workshop on co-creation for circular transformation.
    With Uppsala University Sustainability Initiatives (UUSI). Uppsala
    11 October 2022.

  • Workshop about the Reflection Cycle with employees of consultancy firm WSP.
    Westin, M.; Hallgren, L.
    5 May 2022.

  • Unknowing/unsearching: Google and climate change. 
    Rödl, M.; Haider, J.
    Participation in the workshop The State of Google Critique and Intervention, Austrian Academy of Sciences.
    Vienna 11-12 April 2022.

  • Dialog, delaktighet och samskapande.
    Webinarium with Uppsala municipality.
    Westin, M.
    18 March 2022.

  • Delaktighet och samskapande – kultur i områdesutveckling
    Webinarium with Uppsala municipality.
    Westin, M.
    2 February 2022.

  • Skogen, klimatet och den biologiska mångfalden i en osäker tid. 
    Workshop series with Green Innovation Park. Uppsala 2022.
    Holmgren, S.; Powell, S.


  • Co-designing a community carbon project. International Chamber of Commerce set of seminars during COP26.
    Powell, N. et al.
    11 November 2021.

  • Contribution to SESAM Expert Workshop on Games, SDGs, Local Communities and Natural Resource Management Systems.
    Do, T. och Powell, N.
    28 October 2021.

  • Researching across contexts – Exploring the Why and the How. Sustainability Learning and Research Centre (SWEDESD).
    Whitman et al.,
    28 September 2021.


  • National-level workshop in Sweden
    (with representatives of clothing companies H&M, KappAhl, Nudie, Dedicated, Lindex, SSNC)
    3 December 2020.

  • Kommunikation och dialog i målbildsarbetet
    Hanna Bergeå och Lars Hallgren
    10 March 2020.

Conference presentations


  • Networked Silences. Conference with invited speakers, open panel discussion, interactive sessions and academic workshop. Uppsala
    6-7 October 2022.

  • Can a parrot change your mind? Reflections on the climate crisis in search engines.
    Rödl, M.
    Networked Silences. Uppsala
    6 October 2022.

  • Are we on the same page? How hunters and their organisations communicate over data.
    Montgomerie, E.; Ånöstam, F.; Bergeå, H.; Bergqvist, G.; Elmhagen, B.; Johasson, M.; van der Wal. R.
    Nordic Congress for Wildlife Research. Uppsala
    20 September 2022.

  • Transdisciplinary research in wildlife management: Learning from different perspectives on collaboration across professions.
    Fischer, A.; Elmhagen, B.; Montgomerie, E.; Widemo, F. & Young, J.
    Nordic Congress for Wildlife Research. Uppsala
    20 September 2022.

  • Co-creating transdisciplinary research design using soft systems methodology.
    Powell, N. & Palm, K.
    DevRes 2022 – Transforming Development Research for Sustainability.
    18 August 2022.

  • Poster presentation of the Reflection Cycle.
    Westin, M., Mutter, A.
    AESOP conference. Tartu
    28 July 2022.

  • Mapping environment-focussed social media, audio-visual media and art in Sweden: Cases, voices and positions.
    Carpentier, N.; Doudaki, V.
    International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) conference. Beijing
    13 July 2022.

  • Co-constructing meaning in environmental governance – from micro to macro and back.
    Fischer, A.
    International Association for People-Environment Studies 2022 online conference.
    4 July 2022.

  • The dilemma of expertise: Power, justification and ambivalence in urban governance.
    Westin, M.
    Keynote talk at the conference ‘Getting our cities right #1: From critical urbanities to sustainable foodscapes’. SLU, Uppsala.
    14 June 2022.

  • Between dialogue and authority: Facilitators’ performance of authority in collaborative governance.
    Westin, M. Hallgren, L. & Montgomerie, M.
    Nordic Environmental Social Science (NESS) conference: Emergency and transformation. Gothenburg
    9 June 2022.

  • Playing our way to more relational soil futures – a carbon farming case.
    Barrineau, S., et al.
    Conference paper in the session “Soils as sites of emergency and transformation”, Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS), Gothenburg,
    7-9 June 2022

  • LIS and environmental research: what, when, how?
    Haider, J.; Graminius, C.; Cardoso, N.; Ekström, B.; Fedorowicz-Kruszewska, M. & Pilero, O.
    Conceptions of Library and Information Science. Oslo
    29 May - 1 June.

  • Reframing Transparency: Supply Chains and Organic Cotton.
    Ganesh, S.
    International Communication Association Annual Convention. Paris
    26 May 2022.

  • “Googla gärna”: Suggestions to search as a discursive practice in Swedish climate denialism.
    Rödl, M.; Joosse, S.
    STS-dagarna. Gothenburg
    4-5 May 2022.

  • Breaking down representational frontiers: A case study on the unsilencing of the wolves in the Prague Zoo assemblage.
    Media breakdown and recovery International Symposium, Lund.
    16 March 2022.

  • Algorithmically embodied emissions: is algorithmic harm fuelling the climate crisis?
    The Social Life of Algorithmic Harms Academic Workshop. New York/online.
    10–11 March 2022.



  • Soil Sense-abilities – A Multispecies Approach to Caring for Futures
    Barrineau, S.
    World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) World Conference
    Berlin (Online)
    October 26-29, 2021.

  • Building Transdisciplinary Capacity
    – How can transdisciplinary research and university-based sustainability labs support societal impact towards sustainable futures?
    Friman, E.
    The 2021 International Transdisciplinarity Conference (ITD), online
    September 13-17 2021.

  • Who is entitled to speak? Unsilencing strategies in animal-human relations.
    Carpentier, N.
    European Communication Conference, online.
    6-9 September 2021.

  • Working towards environmental change: The construction of sustainability in Facebook groups in Sweden
    Doudaki, V., Carpentier, N.
    International Association for Media and Communication Research conference, online/Nairobi, Kenya.
    11-15 July 2021.

  • I, My Selfie, and Nature: dominating wilderness
    Haider, J., Rödl, M., Joosse, S.
    Conference on Communication and Environment.
    21-24 June 2021.

  • Enacting serious game co-design as an exploratory space for sustainability transformations
    Do, T., Powell, N., Bussey, M.
    Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress, online/Brisbane.
    12-15 June 2021. 

  • The conflicteous intersection of anthropocentrism, global capitalism and the material agency of the local soil: A discursive-material analysis of the documentary film Kiruna - A Brand New World
    Carpentier, N.
    International Communication Association conference, online/Denver, USA.
    27-31 May 2021.

  • Arts-based research in communication and media studies: A series of examples and experiences.
    Carpentier, N.
    Communication Talk 21, International Communication Club, Bangladesh (online).
    22 May 2021.

  • I, My Selfie, and Nature: entanglements with wilderness
    Rödl, M., Joosse, S., Haider, J.
    Nordic Science and Technology Studies conference, online/Copenhagen.
    20-21 May 2021.

  • Discursive-material struggles over the environment: The documentary film Kiruna – A Brand New World as an audio-visual intervention.
    Carpentier, N.
    Media and Communication. Vilnius Tech, invited main speaker.
    22-23 April 2021.

  • Regeneration, Redistribution and Value Loops: Moral intent and an ethics of care.
    Palakshappa, N. Venkateswar, S. and Ganesh, S.
    International Communication Management Conference, online/Ahmedabad, India.
    January 8, 2021.


  • Paradigms and Paradoxes: Beyond the Extant Approaches to Transparency
    Harness, D.
    National Communication Association, online/Indianapolis, United States. 
    21 November 2020.

  • Silencing / Unsilencing Nature: A remediation of human-animal relationships
    Carpentier, N.
    ‘Mediating Change’ International Colloquium, Prag.
    20-21 November 2020.

  • Biodiversity dilemmas and cross-scale challenges in Arctic governance
    Löf, A.
    European Polar Science Week, hosted by the European Space Agency.
    29 October 2020.

  • Visibility and sustainability in value chains
    Ganesh, S., Palakshappa, N.
    Digital Transformations Symposium Copenhagen Business School, Online/Copenhagen, Denmark.
    29 October 2020.

  • Silencing / Unsilencing Nature: A reflection on giving nature more of a voice
    Carpentier, N.
    Media Leadership Forum, Jinan University, China.
    13-18 July 2020.

  • From stakeholders to joint knowledge production partners: The participatory development of guiding principles and toolkit to structure the participation of non-academic partners in academic research
    Doudaki, V., Carpentier, N.
    International Association for Media and Communication Research conference.
    12-17 July 2020.

  • Do we need to reframe our understanding of environmental communication? Beyond instrumental concepts of communication for sustainability
    Fischer, A., Hallgren, L., Raitio, K., von Essen, E.
    International Association for People-Environment Studies (IAPS) online/Quebec. 
    22 June 2020.

  • Visibility Agents: Organizing Transparency in the Digital Era
    Ganesh, S., Harness, D., Stoh, C.
    International Communication Association Annual Convention, online/Gold Coast, Australia.
    May 2020.


  • Environmental communication – a research field relevant for environmental psychology?
    Fischer, A., Hallgren, L.
    Swedish Environmental Psychology Network, Lunds universitet.
    8 November 2019.