Nordic Dendrochronological Fieldweek 2022

Last changed: 31 January 2022

Time: summer 2022. Location: to be decided at a later stage


The use of tree-rings is strongly increasing in ecological and environmental sciences, especially in ecology and forestry. Disturbance history, climate reconstructions, analysis of human impact on forest ecosystems, retrospective assessment of various ecosystem services are areas where methods of tree ring research can add new and unique information. With the course, we would like to give a broad overview of dendroecology, concentrating on field and lab techniques and statistical routines to analyse the dendrodata. The course will provide a solid starting point for students to integrate dendrochronologyin their own research project and to avoid numerous pitfalls associated with this group of methods. We would like to emphasize that the course will give students practical experience to develop methodological setup for studies involving tree rings, to collect data, and to apply a range of analytical routines. Pre- and post-course literature review assignments are designed to inform the students on the start-of-the-art in the field and to provide a solid theoretical background for this intensive practical course.

Application: Sign up for the course by e-mail to the course coordinator Docent Igor Drobyshev, /