Increased use of semi-natural grasslands

Last changed: 16 February 2024
A group of advisors on a field visit. Photo.

WP2 aims to stimulate increased use of natural pastures to improve the sustainability of food production while also promoting and maintaining biological diversity. WP2 also aims to develop improved methods for the management of pastures and crop fields to increase resource efficiency.

These objectives will be achieved through various studies. We will investigate how biodiversity can be estimated with satellite images at the farm and landscape level, how health monitoring of grazing animals can be done digitally and how grass production can become more sustainable through late sowing of autumn grain and by reducing root rot and clover rot in red clover. We will also investigate so-called compensatory growth in slaughter beef and study methods for increased profitability in pasture-based beef and lamb production. Finally, we will discuss a number of innovations within grazing and grazing management with farmers and advisers among others in the ”Grazing Living Labs”.