Increased food production

Last changed: 16 February 2024
Feed silos in a barn. Photo.

In WP6 we evaluate the possibility of increasing food production in three regions in Sweden, with different geographical conditions (north, west, south) as a pilot for all the regions in Sweden. One goal is to then describe the role of animal production in the future food system.

We will gather and develop already existing customer networks and build a platform for collaboration in each region that will offer expertise and contacts relevant to the respective region. 

Some examples of activities:

  • WP6 will contribute with regional issues, conditions and data in the Living Labs which is built up within SustAinimal (i.e. one focus on grazing and one focus on policy issues).
  • WP6 will contribute with regional issues, conditions and data the the doctoral and postdoc projects included in SustAinimal.
  • We initiate regionally focused spin-off projects related to the activities or themes included in SustAinimal (including funding).

Young cattle at pasture. Photo.


WP 6 - Increasing food production in three regions


Kerstin Sigfridson, Lantmännen,

Anna Wallenbeck, SLU,

Node leader North

Mårten Hetta, SLU,

Juana Chagas, SLU,

Node leader South

Madeleine Magnusson, SLU,

Ingela Löfquist, HS,

Christine Haaland, SLU,

Node leader West

Agnes Falkenberg Brolin, Agroväst,

Frida Dahlström, SLU,