WP7 - Coordination and facilitation

Last changed: 11 November 2022

WP7 will coordinate and support inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge development, methodological innovation, competence development and information dissemination. This takes place in close collaboration and partnership with players in the Swedish food sector, both within and outside SustAinimal.

WP7 is based on the premise that we must use a combination of different methods to be successful with knowledge development, knowledge exchange and capacity building that takes place in partnership with several actors. We will therefore organize and support a variety of activities, for example to establish new collaboration platforms, introduce new methods for collaboration and co-production, support the implementation of the regional Living Labs, initiate competence development in strategic areas, and continuously monitor and evaluate project activities.

WP7 will work together with all of the work packages and support them in their design and implementation of activities. In addition, WP7 will serve as support for thecommunication within SustAinimal and between the center and external partners. To ensure the best possible knowledge exchange within SustAinimal, WP7 also hosts an internal process team, with representatives from WP2, 4 and 6.