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Environmental Communication Day on tour

Published: 22 August 2023
A branch with pink leaves. Photo.

This fall Environmental Communication Day will go on tour and you will be able to meet us in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Luleå. Welcome to a day of inspiration, experience-sharing and discussion on the challenges of environmental communication in practice. This year's theme is Conflicts and synergies in the sustainability transition.

The Environmental Communication Day is aimed at those who in one way or another use communication for sustainability in their practice in the public and private sectors, NGOs, other organisations and civil society.

The purpose of the day is for participants to meet and be inspired by each other, and to discuss experiences and the latest insights from research on meaning-making and communication for a more sustainable world.

This year's theme is Conflicts and synergies in the sustainability transition. What roles do our communication, knowledge, values, emotions and experiences play in the sustainability transition, and how can we manage the conflicting goals and synergies that the transition entails?

The day is organised in three cities together with Färgfabriken in Stockholm, the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication in Gothenburg and Vetenskapens hus/Luleå University of Technology in Luleå.

The days will be in Swedish. For more information have a look at our Swedish web page: