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Professor Anke Fischer's inaugural lecture

Published: 26 April 2021
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On April 28, Anke Fischer, Professor of Environmental Communication, gave her inauguration lecture "The struggle over sustainability: On the co-construction of meaning in environmental governance".

Anke Fischer, programme co-director for Mistra Environmental Communication, has been a Professor of Environmental Communication at SLU since February 2019. On April 28, Anke Fischer will present some of her research in a short inaugural lecture: "The struggle over sustainability: On the co-construction of meaning in environmental governance".

In her talk, Anke takes the audience on a research journey, starting in the middle of the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. She provides us with insights into her research on how people think about people, and why this knowledge is important for us to understand to address the large challenges of our time.

In her research on environmental communication, Anke combines perspectives from psychology, sociology and governance studies. She examines how different groups in society deal with issues related to sustainability, climate change, nature and biodiversity, especially with regard to value judgements and public support for related policies.

Anke Fischer was born in Germany and studied educational sciences. She defended her dissertation in 2003 at Göttingen University with a thesis on how information affects people's values about changes in nature.

After that, Anke worked with the development of models for natural resource governance at the German development agency GTZ. In 2005, she moved to Scotland.

Her research explores how people make sense of and deal with complex environmental and social issues, and has, for example, addressed legal and illegal hunting in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Before joining SLU, Anke Fischer worked as the head of the Scottish James Hutton Institute's social sciences department.

Last year, the inauguration ceremony at SLU had to be postponed due to the pandemic. This year, 15 new professors at SLU will hold their lectures online on April 28 and 29.

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