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New professors 2020–2021

Learn more about the exciting research at SLU by listening to short, inspiring popular science presentations by our new professors. This year, we will have 15 new professors who will be presenting their research during two days, 28–29 April. These lectures are part of the inauguration ceremony for new professors.

Portrait of Malin von Essen

Moderator: Malin von Essen

Malin von Essen is a moderator, facilitator and freelance writer. She earned her degree in forest science from SLU in the 90s and following this trained as a journalist at Stockholm University. For the last 10 years, she has been running her own company focusing on facilitating dialogue on complex societal issues, often with a focus on the management of natural resources. She has previously worked with disseminating research findings in various roles at SLU and Skogforsk.

Photo: Patrik Söderman

New professors – video 1 of 3

Do you want to find out more about environmental communication, environmental engineering, individual differences in animal behaviour, aquatic microorganisms or rural entrepreneurship? See what a normal day at work can be like for some of our new professors.

New professors – video 2 of 3

Do you want to know more about wood technology, forest economics and logistics, soil nutrient cycling, inorganic and physical chemistry and forestry-related plant physiology? Make a short visit to some of our new professors!

New professors – video 3 of 3

Do you want to know more about element cycling in forest soils, forest vegetation ecology, bio-based by-products, forest logistics and Chronic wasting disease? See how some of our new professors describe their activities!
Published: 25 August 2021 - Page editor: mikaela.tobar@slu.se