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New professors 2023

A total of 11 new professors has presented their research in 2023. The inauguration of new professors comprise two events; the lectures and the ceremony. In 2023, two inauguration lectures and ceremonies has taken place, 17 March at SLU in Uppsala, and 12 May at SLU in Alnarp.

Lectures by new professors

This year's inaguration lectures and ceremonies took place March 17 at SLU in Uppsala and May 12 at SLU in Alnarp. The lectures were broadcast and the recorded material will be divided into individual lectures and subtitles will be added. When this is done, you will find the lectures on each of the professor's webpages. 

Inauguration lectures SLU Alnarp

Watch the open lectures by SLU's new professors in Alnarp here.

Meet our new professors at SLU Alnarp

A short video presenting our new professors at SLU in Alnarp and their research. The video has Swedish and English subtitles.

Meet some of our new professors at SLU Uppsala

A short video presenting five of our new professors at SLU in Uppsala and their research. The video has Swedish and English subtitles.


Meet our new professors in Alnarp

Vilis Brukas

Professor of forest planning

Vilis Brukas with colleagues during a field excursion to an eucalyptus plantation in Portugal.

Georg Carlsson

Professor of sustainable cropping systems

Georg Carlsson studies samples of intercropped faba bean and rape seed in the greenhouse.

Åsa Ode Sang

Professor of urban vegetation design

Åsa Ode Sang in the Alnarp park.

Meet our new professors in Uppsala

Renée Båge

Professor of domestic animal reproduction

Renée Båge with veterinary students at the SLU Swedish Livestock Research Centre

Nils Fall

Professor of veterinary epidemiology

Nils Fall's research group in the barn at SLU Swedish Livestock Research Centre.

Johan Gaddefors

Professor of business administration

The picture shows Johan Gaddefors during a lecture.

Flora Hajdu

Professor of rural development in the Global South

Flora Hajdu with an interpreter and a woman during a field trip in north west Tanzania.

Marcus Hedblom

Professor of landscape architecture

Marcus Hedblom bird watching in Stadsskogen, Uppsala.

Anke Herrmann

Professor of soil nutrient cycling

Picture of Anke Herrmann in a lab environment.

Magnus Karlsson

Professor of plant pathology

Magnus Karlsson and Mukesh Dubey examine quinoa plants in the phytotron of the Uppsala Biocenter.

Björn Vinnerås

Professor of environmental engineering

Picture of Björn Vinnerås by a cage containing Black Soldier Flies.
Portrait of Malin von Essen

Moderator: Malin von Essen

Malin von Essen is a moderator, facilitator and freelance writer. She earned her degree in forest science from SLU in the 90s and following this trained as a journalist at Stockholm University. For the last 10 years, she has been running her own company focusing on facilitating dialogue on complex societal issues, often with a focus on the management of natural resources. She has previously worked with disseminating research findings in various roles at SLU and Skogforsk.

Photo: Patrik Söderman

Published: 06 July 2023 - Page editor: helena.pennlov.smedberg@slu.se