Harnessing the potential of storytelling in sustainability communication


Du som arbetar med hållbarhet på olika sätt och är intresserade av att utforska nya metoder och perspektiv vad gäller kommunikation och samproduktion av kunskap.


Stories do not only convey information, explain problems, but also evoke emotions and encourage actions. We tell stories as a way of making sense of our thoughts, and experiences; and as a way of creating knowledge and understanding the world. Within the sustainability arena, there is a growing recognition that it is stories and the language of values, identities and cultures, rather than facts and data that shape our behavior and motivate changes. Importantly, storytelling has the potential to bring new voices to the table, and shed light on new perspectives, which in turn can enrich our understanding and framing of complex sustainability issues.

This session will explore how storytelling can be used in sustainability communication to foster knowledge co-production, and support actions towards a more sustainable future. We will jointly learn how to embrace storytelling as part of our communication practice for societal changes.


Michael Wilson, Professor of Drama at Loughborough University, UK
Dr. Marcus Bussey, an educator and futurist from University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia


Neil Powell, neil.powell@swedesd.uu.se
Thao Do, thao.do@swedesd.uu.se


Tid: 2020-11-27 10:00 - 12:00
Ort: Zoom
Arrangör: Mistra Environmental Communication


Sidansvarig: maria.arpe@slu.se