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In arts and the media, communication about environmental and sustainability issues can – as in so many other fields – be seen as a discursive struggle, a struggle over meaning. We study these struggles as they unfold in Swedish arts and media.

Arts and media are crucial sites where meanings (and thus discourses) circulate, which makes them interesting to study.

Media and the arts often produce and reproduce dominant ways of thinking about the environment. However, they also allow for counter-voices, for different ways of thinking, to challenge these dominant ways of thinking.

We are interested in the discursive struggles between the different environmental and sustainability discourses that circulate in Swedish arts and media. In addition, we want to work on developing strategies to open up existing discursive patterns and constellations for a constructive engagement with new or marginalised perspectives.

Audio-visual media, social media and film

As there are many different media, we will focus on a selection, always keeping their cross-sections and intersections in mind:

  • audio-visual media (focusing on television series and documentary film)
  • social media (focusing on blogs, YouTube channels and Facebook groups)
  • exhibitions and environmental art projects.

Mapping, case studies and feedback loops

Our research uses a staged approach:

  1. Mapping of relevant practices
  2. Six case studies in each of the three clusters (audiovisual media, social media and the arts)
  3. Discussing the case study results with the producers of the selected media, exhibitions and arts projects
  4. Sharing our insights through exhibitions, workshops and (video) publications


We work together with a diversity of partners, through a variety of instruments, including sounding boards, video letters, public lectures, unconferences and co-writing.

See a short introduction to the media and arts project by Nico Carpentier.


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Professor vid Charles University i Prague
E-mail: nico.carpentier@fsv.cuni.cz