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Last changed: 22 August 2018

We welcome students to do master projects at CBC. Take a look at the proposed projects below or contact a researcher involved in your area of interest.

Here, researchers investigate how the diversity of natural enemies and abundance of weeds affect biological control of aphids in spring barley. Photo: Michael Traugott.

Suggestions for projects at CBC

Bachelor thesis can be made in the form of literature studies. You can choose to do a study related to our research or in a field you are interested in.

Independent work on bachelor or master level can also be made in the form of test-based studies. They are often linked to ongoing research projects. Contact us and we will come up with an exciting idea together!


Completed thesis work at the CBC

Here, we have collected completed master and bachelor thesis work from the Centre for Biological Control.

Sawicki, Radoslaw, 2017. Inverse correlation between freeze-thaw survival and storage stability of freeze-dried Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 and a microcalorimetric search for GASP.

Jörgensen, Karolina, 2014. Biologisk bekämpning av Fusarium graminearum.

Stefan Stranne, 2014. Species composition and abundance of entomopathogenic Metarhizium fungi in soils of a forest, pasture and agricultural field in Sweden.

Anna-Carin Almqvist, 2013. Biological control of powdery mildew in greenhouse produced cucumber. An evaluation of two microbiological control agents.  For this work, Anna-Carin was awarded with a stipendia from GRO 2013.

Erik Bertholtz, 2013. Inokulummängdens betydelse för utveckling av vetets stråbasröta orsakad Fusarium graminearum – Utvärdering av ett biotest

Jonas Törngren, 2013. Insektspatogena svampar för biologisk bekämpning av bladlöss i stråsäd - möjligheter och hinder

Jinhui Wang, 2012. The effect of combining two biological control microbes on seed and root colonization.

Jinhui Wang, 2012. Gene expression of ABC-transporters in the fungal biocontrol agent Clonostachys rosea in response to anti-fungal metabolites from Pseudomonas chlororaphis.

Nina Backlund, Louise Malmberg. 2012. The effects of shading and surrounding landscape composition on arthropod pest abundance in Coffea arabica plantations. Nina and Louise did their work at the University of Lund with Mattias Jonsson from CBC as supervisor.

Contact researchers in different areas

Hanna Friberg

Subject area: Fungi, 018-671876 070-3931106

Mattias Jonsson

Subject area: Insects/arachnids
mattias.jonsson, 018-67 2450

Sebastian Håkansson

Subject area: Formulation/stabilisation, 018-673204

Margareta Hökeberg

Subject area: Bacteria, 018-671863, 070-3452802

Ingvar Sundh

Subject area: Safety/regulations, 018-673208

Contact, 018-673208

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