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A professional and social network for former students at SLU.

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SLU's alumni network gives you the opportunity to stay in touch and expand your professional and social network.

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Congratulations Anna Richert - SLU alumna of the year 2023

Anna has been responsible for food issues at WWF since 2014 and is one of Sweden's most renowned food experts.

Anna Richert SLU alumna of the year 2023. Photo: Marie vin Zeipel

SLU students are your future colleagues

SLU educates for a sustainable world. Our students will have key roles in future organizations. By hiring a student or a newly graduated alumnus, your business can get qualified help to develop.

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As alumni, you are invaluable sources of inspiration to prospective students! Your career is living proof of where an SLU education can take you. Be our ambassador to help recruit more SLU students.

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Request transcripts and certificates

If you still have access to your student account, you can print transcripts and certificates from Ladok Student.

Published: 29 May 2023 - Page editor: slualumn@slu.se