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Last changed: 12 April 2019

We work at the Centre for Biological Control. Please contact us if you have questions about our business or would like to discuss research collaborations, orders or inquiries!

Mattias Jonsson


Phone: +4618-67 24 50
Department of Ecology, SLU in Uppsala

Mattias is specialised in insects and arachnids for biocontrol. His research is mainly focused on conservation biological control of invertebrate pests in agroecosystems. Read more about his research here.

Johan Stenberg

Deputy director

Phone: +4640-41 53 78

Department of Plant Protection Biology, SLU in Alnarp

Johan work with integrated plant protection for strawberry, mulch and other crops. An important issue to solve is how to optimize the biological control of harmful insects without weakening the crop's own resistance properties. Read more about his research here.

Ingvar Sundh

CV- page
Phone: +4618-67 32 08
Department of Molecular Ecology, SLU in Uppsala

Ingvar works with issues related to safety and regulatory measures. He focuses on strategies to determine that a biocontrol agent has no unacceptable adverse effects in humans, non-target organisms in agriculture and forestry, and the general environment. Read more about his research here.

Paul Becher

Phone: +4640-41 53 05
Department of Plant Protection Biology, SLU in Alnarp

Paul is interested in chemically mediated interactions between organisms like host finding and sexual communication. His special interest is to understand the importance of microbial signals on plant-insect interactions. Read more about his research here.

Magnus Karlsson

Phone: +4618-67 18 37
Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, SLU in Uppsala

Magnus is interested in microorganisms and their interactions with other microbes, with plants and with the environment. His current focus includes fungal interactions in relation to plant pathology and biological disease control. Read more about his research here.

Maria Viketoft

Phone: +4618-67 15 05
Department of Ecology, SLU in Uppsala

Maria's area of expertise is nematode ecology,  in particular how these worms interact with plants (both crops and wild plant species) and other soil organisms. Read more about her research here.


Cajsa Lithell

Phone +4670-337 90 02

Communications manager for CBC, SLU in Uppsala

Cajsa works as a communications manager for CBC. She has a background in ecological microbiology and is responsible for CBC's websites, presentation material and other communications.


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