Last changed: 03 February 2021

SLU Future Food is run by a programme director appointed by the dean of the NJ Faculty. The programme director, together with the programme secretary and the communications officers make up the platform staff.

Organisation of SLU Future Food

A steering group approves the operational plan and budget proposed by the programme director. The group follows, supports and governs the direction of operations. The steering group and its chair and deputy chair are appointed by the dean of the NJ Faculty. The group’s members are from faculties selected by SLU to partake in operations and are elected for a three-year term.

SLU Future Food's external reference group helps SLU Future Food achieve its goals and set projects and business goals by participating in the development of the platform's activities.

SLU Future Food's staff consists of a programme director, a programme secretary and a communications officer.

SLU Future Food reports to the Department of Urban and Rural Development; however platform finances are separate from those of the department.