Chartering R/V Svea

Last changed: 03 April 2024

R/V Svea can be booked for both scientific expeditions and commercial missions. We understand that each expedition is unique and can offer tailored solutions to meet users' specific needs and requirements.

R/V Svea is primarily built for use in Swedish environmental monitoring, as well as for national and international research. Therefore, these types of expeditions are prioritized in our planning, but commercial activities can also rent R/V Svea.

Is your organization interested in using R/V Svea? Contact SLU's ship unit, and we will assist you.

Ahead of 2025, researchers will be able to apply for national funding for ship time on board six Swedish research vessels, including Svea. The call is made by the Swedish Research Vessel Infrastructure for Marine Research (SWERVE).

Planning for 2024

During 2024, the vessel is scheduled for 271 days, of which 222 are expedition days. A total of 353 days are planned, and the vessel is essentially fully booked. SMHI and SLU are the largest tenants and will together use the vessel for more than half of the available time. There is an opportunity to join an existing expedition if approved by the expedition leader.

On Marine Facilities Planning website, you will find an overview of Svea's planning for 2024. Please note that all dates are preliminary and subject to change.

R/V Svea can be at sea for up to 16 days, but if the expedition is longer, a land stop is required to change crew and replenish supplies. Onboard R/V Svea, there are 24 single cabins and 4 double cabins, of which the crew requires at least 11 single cabins.

Pricing for 2024

For Swedish authorities, the cost in 2024 is 135,000 SEK per day to rent Svea, excluding fuel.

The unsubsidized price, applicable to commercial lessees, is 330,000 SEK per day, excluding fuel.

The cost of diesel is calculated at 13 SEK per liter, including urea. The diesel price is currently based on environmental diesel MK01, but R/V Svea can also run on HVO if the customer prefers. The lessee will be charged for the actual price and consumption during the expedition, including transit from Lysekil or the latest port, unless otherwise agreed.

Variable additional costs, such as additional crew (5,000 SEK per person per day) or equipment, will be charged (according to quotation). In addition, food and accommodation will be charged based on booked cabin space, 840 SEK for a single cabin and 600 SEK for a double cabin per person.

The rent is calculated based on the number of days the vessel is booked. If there are significant changes in occupancy, the rent may be reduced during the current year.





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