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About us

SLU Future One Health is one of four future platforms at SLU. Our aim is to inspire and support interdisciplinary research, education and collaboration at SLU, with focus on health and welfare for animals and people in sustainable ecosystems.

Why focus on One Health?

The One Health approach focuses on the interface between animal health, human health and ecosystem health. A collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach, cutting across these boundaries is needed to understand complex health challenges; for example, the spread of disease and antimicrobial resistance, how human health can benefit from exposure to animals, green environments and nature, and common lifestyle diseases in animals and humans.

SLU Future One Health supports interdisciplinary research in the area of One Health by creating meeting places for researchers, communicating research results and being active in the public debate.

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Our activities

SLU Future One Health arrange, participate in and support various activities to stimulate SLU's One Health research.

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SLU Future One Health and The Global Goals

SLU Future One Health contributes to the UN's global goals for sustainable development. Particularly, seven goals fall within the scope of our assignment.

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SLU Future One Health - One of four Future Platforms

SLU's four future platforms integrate different scientific fields and increase collaboration between researchers and different societal interests.

Published: 02 March 2023 - Page editor: futureonehealth@slu.se