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Last changed: 15 February 2024
Two hands are holding a plant and soil. Photo.

Welcome to join our network on plant protection and plant health! SLU Network plant protection is available to stimulate and support collaborations between staff at SLU's various locations and faculties and to vigorously strengthen SLU's profile in plant protection towards the surrounding world.

You can join if you do research in plant protection or plant health, or if you are interested in plant protection issues and plant protection research at SLU.

When you join the network, you will be invited to seminars and workshops and receive our newsletter, which is sent out 2-4 times a year.

Through contact with advisors, growers, industry, authorities and interest groups, we want to stay up to date on what research is needed and what issues are most important in society.

As a researcher at SLU, you will also be listed on an e-mail list where you keep track of everything that happens in plant protection at SLU and which you can also use yourself to share information.

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Katja Fedrowitz
Coordinator SLU Plant Protection Network & SLU Breeding Network
Telephone: +46 18 67 2196