Workstream 2: Thematic narratives and reference frameworks

Last changed: 21 May 2024

SASi-SPi Workstream 2 develops intelligence on four cross-cutting themes and will establish Science-Policy Labs to test and implement policy recommendations.

Developing fresh narratives, policy options and reference frameworks for the transistion to sustainable agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture food systems.

Workstream 2 contributes to new narratives on key food sustainability issues and the transitions towards sustainable agri-food systems. Jointly with FAO, it improves institutional capacity - including through Sustainable Food System Transformation Science Policy Labs (S-PoL). Engaging the scientific community with stakeholders from national and international organizations, the S-PoL support policy formulation by building on the policy recommendations from discussions and debates organized around selected issues.

Workstream 2 is coordinated by SLU through Professor Rodomiro Ortiz at the Department of Plant Breeding.

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Rodomiro Octavio Ortiz Rios
Professor at the Department of Plant Breeding