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Sampling water from boat. Photo.

Education, research and environmental monitoring and assessment

We examine our focus area water from different perspectives: biological, microbiological, chemical, and geochemical and hydrologigal. We develop knowledge about how the state of the environment changes and what causes the changes through research and environmental analysis and assessment. We have our own quality-assured laboratories where we carry out analyses.

There is a close connection between our areas, which makes the total even better and more efficient. We have a unique assignment from Swedish authorities to investigate our surface water in terms of its chemistry and its biology.

We are happy to share our knowledge, for example through education, news articles, and open data.

The department is divided into four divisions: Ecology and biodiversity, Microbial ecology, Geochemistry and hydrology, and Organic environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology.



Ecology and biodiversity

Research by the Division of Ecology and Biodiversity aims to understand the diversity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, often related to changes in the environment. We are specialised in developing biological indicators for measuring ecosystem health, for example, to meet the requirements of the Water Framework Directive.

Water lily leaves. Photo.

Geochemistry and hydrology

The Division of Geochemistry and Hydrology conducts research and environmental assessment on many aspects of fresh water quality including eutrophication, acidification, heavy metals, and drinking water quality. We try to understand the processes water quality to separate natural variations from impact of human activity.

Small stream in a forest. Photo.

Organic environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology

The Division of Environmental Organic Chemistry and Ecotoxicology focuses on understanding the environmental aspects of organic chemicals, with a main focus on sources, transport, fate, and effects in the aquatic environment.

Lab devices. Photo.

Microbial Ecology

At the Division of Microbial Ecology we study ecosystems and the cycling of carbon and other bioactive elements. Understanding the functional ecology and diversity of microorganisms aid efficient and sustainable management of ecosystems and natural resources.

Stefan Bertilsson at a LAF. Photo.

Certified environmental management system

Within SLU we have an environmental management system certified according to ISO 140001.

Published: 13 October 2023 - Page editor: vattenmiljo-webb@slu.se