Biodiversity laboratory

Last changed: 04 August 2020
Image collage with several different aquatic organisms. Photo.

We analyze the spices composition and biomass of aquatic organisms in lakes and streams. The information is used to assess the quality of the waters and habitats, as well as various indicator organisms and the impact of environmental perturbations to the aquatic systems.

The laboratory is accredited by SWEDAC since 1995 for biological sampling and analyzes in lakes and streams. We have skilled taxonomists with a long experience on environmental monitoring and assessments of lakes and streams. We analyze phyto- and zooplankton, periphyton (epiphytic diatoms), macrophytes, and benthic fauna. Additionally, we also perform electric fishing in streams. Furthermore, we arrange courses/workshops within the frame of the expertise at the laboratory. We also participate in, and occasionally set up, international intercalibrations.