Last changed: 29 April 2019

At the department we teach and educate undergraduate students, postgraduate students and offers postdoc positions within our research subject areas spanning from basic process understanding to practical silviculture and forest management. Most of our research deals with the boreal forest but we do research also in other forest  such as in the tropical forest.

Education att all levels is based on ongoing research within the seven subject areas the department is responsible for. These are: 

  • Silviculture
  • Forest soils
  • Forest landscape biogeochemistry
  • Forest vegetation ecology
  • Forest ecophysiology
  • Forest regeneration.
  • Forest history 


Head of undergraduate studies
Tommy Mörling
Phone +46 (0)90-786 8516
Cellular +46 (0)70-322 8516

Michael Gundale
Phone +46 (0)90-786 8427

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