Soil chemistry

Last changed: 09 December 2022
Pine forest, photo.

The chemistry of soils affects our life in many ways. Food production, forestry, and the effects of pollution on ecosystems are all dependent on chemical reactions that occur in soils.

Our mission is to understand soil chemical processes and to evaluate the significance of these processes for element bioavailability, soil fertility, and the composition of runoff water.

We are conducting research in the following areas:

  • Efficient and safe nutrient management
  • Phosphorus geochemistry in agricultural soils
  • Risk assessment of pollutants in contaminated areas
  • Prediction of metal binding and ecotoxicity in soils and waters
  • Nutrient dynamics in the soil-plant-microorganism system
  • Clay mineralogy of agricultural soils and its significance for nutrient availability
  • Role of soil weathering for the acid-base status of soils

The soil chemistry research group


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