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Research at the Department of Urban and Rural Development

We focus on the societal aspects of natural resource management and land use. Questions of development, planning and communication are central to our research. Our approach is grounded in social sciences and humanities and landscape design principles. However it is also characterized by interdisciplinarity in which natural science knowledge frameworks are important.


Research school Society and Landscape

The department runs the research school Society and Landscape. The research school is based on two profiles; social science and design science, and is directed especially to PhD students engaged in environmental design, policy, land management, natural resource management, planning and related issues.

The four disciplines at the department (Agrarian history, Environmental communnication, Landscape architecture and Rural development) work with similar questions, methods and theories in many parts of the world which open up for comparative perspectives, both in research and education.

The activity of the research school is formed by courses, seminars, workshops and student driven initiatives. All activities are open for PhD students not only at SLU, but also at other universities internationally.

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