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Last changed: 05 October 2021
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Sweden has a unique application system that is coordinated between all universities. You can apply for programmes and courses at different universities on the same application.

There are several steps you have to follow to fulfill your application:

1. Find your programme

To find the right programme for you, you can visit SLU:s website for master's programmes or search based on areas of interest. At each programme, there will be a specific link to the programme application when it's possible to apply. You can also go straight to the application site and search for programmes.

2. Check entry requirements and deadlines:

The admission to SLU:s programmes are based on general and specific entry requirements, please visit each programme to see the specific requirements.

To see general requirements, you can visit

3. Apply at

All applications are made through the central system at If you would like to apply for a specific programme at SLU, you can follow the link on the programme page.

The application includes:  

  • Online application form
  • Documentation of general eligibility.
  • Proof of English profiency
  • Documentation that you have the specific entry requirements that is neccessary for the programme.

Citizens outside EU, EEA or Switzerland are required to pay an application fee at 900 SEK.  

For more information on how to apply, visit

4. Wait to receive notification of acceptance

Each univesity goes through all the applications and look at all the criterias they have been asking for. All factors are included in the outcome of your application. You can find your admission result at called "Notification of Selection Results".
Imoportant! When you recieved your notification, you have to confirm that you will attend the programme. You do this by answer "Yes" to your notification.

Citizens outside EU, EEA or Switzerland also have to pay the first instalment of the tuition fees at this point.

5. Apply for residence permit

If you're a citizen outside EU/EEA, you also have to apply for a residence permit. Notice that the application process can be long, so apply as soon as you recieved your notification.

6. Welcome to Sweden!

Now you have been admitted to the university and the residence permit is accepted. To learn more about Sweden and how it is to study here, you can read more at Study in Sweden. Be aware that it might be hard to find accomodation in some cities, find out more at SLU:s page for accomodation.  


Admissions Office

Ask us about: application and admission to programmes or courses at SLU.

Contact the admissions office by email: or by contact form 

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Telephone hours:
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If you have questions regarding tuition fees, contact us by email: