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Last changed: 16 September 2019

If you are interested in doing an exchange period at SLU, start by contacting the International Office/Study Abroad Office at your home university or department. To be admitted to SLU as an exchange student you need to have the approval of your home university. This is done by having them sign your application form.


  • The application period for the Autumn semester or a whole academic year is 15 March-15 April.
  • The application period for the Spring semester is 15 September- 15 October.
  • The academic year 2019/20:
    Autumn semester 2 September 2019- 17 January 2020
    Spring semester 20 January 2020 – 5 June 2020

Important information about the application procedures

The online application requires you to:

  • Upload your Transcripts of Records in English, showing every course you have taken at university level. For European students the transcript should show ECTS credits.
  • Upload a list of the courses that you have still not passed, but which you will have passed by the time you start courses at SLU. The list should be in English with credits.
  • Select which courses you want to take. Here you can find detailed information: course search.
  • State if you wish SLU to offer you accommodation.

    After completing your application online, a PDF document will be created. Please sign it and get it signed by your coordinator at your home university and email it to no later than 15April or 15 October.

Please note that our office cannot process your application without the required documents and signatures. You will receive a confirmation that we have received your application via e-mail. After April 15th/October 15th we will start the admission process. To come to SLU as an exchange student, you must take at least 25 credits per semester. The maximum amount you can take is 45 credits.


In June/December you will receive a admission letter by e-mail.  If you have been accepted the letter will show which courses you have been accepted to for the coming semester. If you are staying at SLU for a whole academic year, then you will receive an acceptance letter for the whole year and a course list for the first semester. The second semester courses will be processed in the nextcoming application session.

How to choose courses

The Swedish University Credit System awards 1.5 credits for each completed week of full-time study.  This system is compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). 1 Swedish credit = 1 ECTS credit. In your online application you will state your course choices. Always add a second hand choice.

The Swedish academic year is divided into two semesters, 20 weeks each.  One semester of full-time studies (100%)  equals 30 credits.  Each semester is divided into two periods, worth 15 credits each. Not all courses can be studied full-time, and some courses may run for more than one period. Exchange students should be full-time students. During one semester the minimum requirement is 25 ECTS credits (The requirement of 25 ECTS does not apply to students within the NOVA/BOVA mobility program).

Only choose courses at one campus, as the SLU campuses are spread throughout a large part of Sweden. You are allowed to change a course during the first two first weeks of the semester. Here you will find our courses

Example of course combinations equal to full-time studies

Autumn semester 2 September- 17 January

Period 1


Period 2






15 or 7.5 + 7.5 or 10 + 5 credits


15 or 7.5 + 7.5 or 10 + 5 credits

Spring semester 20 January - 7 June

Period 3


Period 5






15 or 7.5 + 7.5 or 10 + 5 credits


15 or 7.5 + 7.5 or 10 + 5 credits

30 credits (eg. thesis)


Make sure that you fulfill the prerequisites for the course of your choice. Talk to the exchange coordinator at your home university for advice. Count the total amount of credits that you will have by the start date of the course at SLU in order to see you if you have enough.  If it is obvious that you do not fulfill the prerequisites, there is no need to apply. Course schedules are published about three weeks before course start. Please note that SLU does not provide any languages courses.

Alnarp students only have the option of 15 credit courses.


Before you can get accepted to do a thesis at SLU you have to get a teacher at SLU to agree to be your supervisor. The supervisor must email to confirm this and send us the course code. If you do not have a supervisor at the time of the admission of the application please select Thesis/project degree. You have until 8 of May to organize your supervisor if you are starting the thesis in September. Here you can find subject areas and possible supervisors.

Accommodation for Exchange students

 SLU will guarantee accommodation to all exchange students for the duration of their studies if the study application is handed in before the deadline. 

The cost of the fully-furnished accommodation can vary between  2900-4200 SEK per month. Accommodation is provided for the full length of the semester. The notice time varies between 1-2 calendar months depending on where the room is located.

You apply for student housing in the application form for exchange studies at SLU.

For information about the accommodation at the different campuses please go to this link: Accommodation or contact the housing officer at

Language Requirements

English Language Requirements

It is up to the home university to guarantee that the student has the right level in English. The recommended requirement is the equivalent of English language studies at upper secondary school in Sweden, known as English course B. In order to enrol in courses at SLU with English as the language of instruction, the recommended English language level should be:

  • TOEFL internet-based score of 20 (scale 0-30) in written English, and a total score of 90
  • IELTS an overall mark of 6.5 and no section below 5.5
  • University of Cambridge/Oxford – “Certificate in Advanced English”, “Certificate of Proficiency” or “Diploma of English Studies”

Swedish Language Requirements

There are several ways to show that you have sufficent Swedish skills for taking courses with Swedish as the language of instruction.

  • Passed a test in Swedish for University and Colleges (TISUS) and send the results to SLU together with your application. For more information, visit TISUS .
  • Have completed secondary school in Danish, Norwegian or Icelandic. Send a verified copy of your grades to SLU together with your application.
  • Have completed secondary school in Finnish. Send a verified copy of your grades to SLU together with your application. If you have completed secondary school in Finnish but have not taked the Matriculation Examination in Swedish, you must have taken Swedish as a subject for at least three years (or five courses), to have an equivalent qualification to Swedish Course B.

For more information, visit University Admissions .

Please note that SLU does not provide any languages courses.


Exchange students accepted to SLU are insured by th Student IN insurance. This insurance only covers accidents. All students are required to have an insurance from their home country.


Veterinary Exchange Students

Veterinary Exchange Students

Summer clinic 2020

All exchange students can apply for the 2020 summer clinic practice. For the summer 2020 there are 9 places. There are many applicants to this programme. The selected students will get a response in late December.
Application deadline is 15 October 2019.

Prerequisites for the clinic: You need to be at least in your fourth year of a veterinary programme and have passed the preclinical courses and clinic preparation courses. The clinical preparation course at SLU is 30 ECTS credits and has a theoretical coverage of the common diseases and treatments of cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, cats & pigs, clinical chemistry, practical obstetrics, hygiene and prevention of infection, general surgical principles including pre-operative scrub-up and standard operating procedures for the operating theater. You need to have completed similar courses.

Summer clinic 2020 tracks 1-9. Apply for 3 tracks and prioritize which one you would prefer.

Veterinary course

If you wish to attend veterinary courses in Swedish, you must be from Norway, Finland or Denmark, or be able to show that you have a Swedish language level equivalent of Swedish studies at upper secondary school level in Sweden (known as Swedish course B). Here you find information about SLU's veterinary courses.

Transcript of records

Transcript of Records

A transcript of record should include the following information:

  • The student's full name
  • The student's date of birth
  • Name of the home university
  • Information about the courses the student has passed:
    - Course code
    - Course name
    - Grade
  • The name and signature of the International Coordinator, Dean, Vice-Chancellor, exam board or similarly
  • Stamp of the university
  • Date of issue

Mobility team

Dana Rocklin, Uppsala

Emma Capandegui, Uppsala

Gabrielle Lagerkvist, Uppsala

Karin Bennmarker, Uppsala

Louise Tetting, Umeå

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