Study abroad as an exchange student

Last changed: 05 June 2023

As a student at SLU, there are many different exchange programmes you can apply for if you would like to study abroad.


SLU has many partner universities around Scandinavia, gathered in a network called NOVA, the Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network.

The NOVA network offers you the chance to deeper studies in a specific area which might not be given at SLU, but at our Nordic partners. You can apply for everything between a few weeks intensive course to a whole year abroad.

If you go abroad as an exchange student, you can apply for the Nordplus scholarship which give you both a travel grant and a scholarship based on how many months you are away.

More information about study abroad on the student webb


As a student at SLU, you have the possibility to apply for an Erasmus scholarship to study abroad at another European University for 3 to 12 months. Where you can go depends on what you're studying and which universities SLU has an agreement with.

You can also study abroad within the network ELLS, Euroleague for Life Sciences, which is a cooperation between some of the best universities in Europe within SLU's areas. The network offers not only exchange seats, it also has summer courses and complete Master's programme.

ELLS, Euroleague for Life Sciences webpage

Outside Europe

SLU has exchange agreements with universities in US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and Chile. If you are selected to one of the exchange seats for these agreements, you do not have to pay the tuition fee at the host university.

More information about study abroad on the student webb

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