Get to know Alnarp

Last changed: 07 February 2023
An image of a stone castle. A lawn in the foreground. Summer.

SLU’s Alnarp campus is situated in a large park by the sea, west of Lund, north of Malmö and east of Copenhagen. This prime location makes Alnarp a gateway to the rest of Europe. Here, students can take part in the many academic, social and sporting activities, relax in the countryside and enjoy the metropolitan nightlife.

Surrounded by a 40-hectare park with lush green lawns and winding pathways, Alnarp campus is remarkably picturesque.  It boasts the largest arboretum in Sweden, with 2 600 varieties of trees and shrubs.  The Assortment Garden provides a wealth of inspiration and ideas for gardeners, containing 800 annuals, 450 perennials, and a large assortment of herbs, dahlias and ornamental grass.  The campus grounds also accommodate a landscape laboratory, gardening laboratory, rehabilitation garden and exciting architecture.

The Alnarp National Library specialises in horticulture and landscape planning, containing over 90 000 publications in these fields.  Library resources are available in both printed and electronic format.

Teaching and research activities in Alnarp include landscape planning, horticulture, nemo-borreal forestry and agriculture.  SLU’s Alnarps campus currently has 400 staff members and 2 000 students (corresponding to about 1 200 full time students) enrolled.  Programmes include horticulture, landscape architecture, landscape contracting, market gardening, farm management and agricultural engineering.

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